YYC Community Response to COVID-19


Hi, Calgary Friends & Neighbours!

This document is the Calgary version of a document made by a group in Edmonton in Response to COVID19. This is a living document in which we can keep building and adding on an ongoing basis. So far, what we have  heard from the community that there is a need for food, emergency items and helpers/volunteers, but needs might change or grow with time.

This is intended to be a crowdsourced and shared living document. We invite YOU to continue to add resources and comments to the document so that we can keep our community up to date. Copy and share whatever information that benefits your networks!

Table of Contents

  1. Welcome Message
  2. Want to Help?
  3. Medical Help
    a. COVID-19 Info Weblinks
    b. COVID-19 Online Assessment Tool (AB)
    c. Online Access to Doctors
    d. Free Medicine Delivery Services
    e. How to Care for a COVID-19 Patient at Home
  4. Financial Help
    a. The City’s COVID-19 Emergency Supports (Apr 1, 2020)
    b. Alberta Info.
    c. Canadian Info.
    d. Helpful Checklists
    e. Banking Info.
  5. Food Options
    a. YYC Food Security Services
    b. Grocery Store Information (Seniors & Regular Hours)
    c. Grocery Delivery/Pickup Services
    d. Recommendations for Food & Delivery (Restaurants & Food Biz Lists)
  6. Education Resources
    a. For Learners
    b. For Caregivers
    c. Apps
  7. Mental Health Resources
    a. Get Help Now
    b. Important Phone Numbers
    c. Services
    d. Handling Stress and Preparing Children
  8. Family & Community Resources
    a. Need Childcare? Or Childcare Info?
    b. Family & Housing
    c. Indigenous
    d. LGBTQ2S+ / Sexual and Gender Diversity
    e. Seniors
    f. Disabilities / Special Needs
    g. Legal Support
    h. Supports by Neighbourhood
  9. Business Resources
  10. More Resources (Multilingual Resources, Online Sessions, Fitness, Kits)
  11. About COVID-19

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