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created: Sep 2, 2020

Are you looking for mental health resources, training, workshops or information from a centralized virtual hub for updates and resources for psychosocial preparedness and recovery?

See the list below and click HERE to access the full document with details, embedded links provided.

>Psychological First Aid (PFA) Training, including PFA for a Pandemic, for Indigenous Communities (PFA-IC)

>Psychological Disaster Learning Series

>Wellness exchange – a resilience-building group curriculum and tool-kit for professionals and para-professionals

>HeartMath Virtual Public Workshops: “Transform Your Stress: the Resilience Advantage”

>Online Mental Health Resources, including links for helpful advice on handling stressful situations and ways to talk to children

>Psychosocial Disaster Network (PDN) Newsletter – sign up to be added to the PDN email distribution list

>>August 2020 – PDN Newsletter

Psychological First-Aid (PFA) is an internationally-recognized, first-stage approach to supporting people who have recently experienced a distressing event such as a disaster, pandemic or emergency.

Evidence shows that people recover better from these experiences if they feel safe, connected, and emotionally supported. PFA focuses on the social and psychological support that people need most after experiencing a distressing event, providing humane and practical assistance in a way that respects dignity, culture, and abilities.

These trainings will help participants to understand the most supportive things to say and do and will provide information about how best to approach disasters, pandemics, and emergency situations to ensure personal safety and the safety of others.

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