Enough for All’s weekly E-NEWSLETTER │ March 27, 2020

Enough for All 2.0

Enough for All is Calgary’s community-driven poverty reduction strategy. Its mission is to create opportunities to align and leverage the work of hundreds of organizations and thousands of Calgarians to reduce poverty in our city.

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A note to our readers
We are refocusing our newsletter in the short term to ensure that we are communicating credible service related information that is of most use to those serving people living in poverty. We encourage our Indigenous brothers and sisters to seek out information through the official social media sites and websites of their Treaty 7 Nations who have each issued a statement to their members.

Newsletter Features

Newsletter Topics

  • New Covid-19 information for seniors in Calgary
  • Physical and Mental Health
  • Transportation
  • Justice
  • Financial empowerment
  • Early Learning and Care
  • Food Security
  • Housing
  • Adult literacy and Foundational Learning

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