COVID-19 Immunization Clinic for Indigenous Seniors 65+ in Calgary

Starting March 15, 2021 by APPOINTMENT only

Circle of Wisdom Elders & Seniors Centre #200, 1603 10 Ave. SW

Contact: 587-350-4789

What to bring:
Alberta Health Care number
-If you don’t have a health care number or have lost your card, then please call Alberta Health at 780-427-1432
-For Toll-Free dial: 310-0000, then 780-427-1432 to get a new number and card mailed to you

You may need permission from your doctor to get immunized if:
-you have a disease or you take medications that weaken your immune system
Examples: Steroids, Medications for Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cancer Treatments, or diseases such as Lupus, MS, Crohn’s disease

IMPORTANT: You don’t need a doctor’s note, just your doctor’s recommendation

Please note: Immunization clinic dates are subject to change depending on vaccine availability. We will contact you if the date changes and you can check this website for the most current information.

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