COVID-19 AND VACCINES | Indigenous Services Canada

Information and communication resources for Indigenous communities and organizations

The pandemic has touched many Indigenous communities across the country and people need information to help them manage in this ever-changing environment.  With the arrival of COVID-19 vaccines, people have renewed hope but understandably also have questions on how a vaccine will impact them and their families.

To help you answer some of these questions we have prepared a toolkit that contains a variety of communication resources and information for you to share with your community.  Each community is unique in the way it shares information with its members. This toolkit can serve as a guide to create messages tailored to your community.

This is the first version of the communications toolkit, please look for updated versions in the coming weeks as the situation continues to evolve.

We trust that you will find this communications toolkit useful and we thank you for being part of the collective effort to fight COVID-19. Together we can do this.

Click HERE to download a copy of the toolkit.

A message from Indigenous Services Canada

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